About us

„We can not buy the most important things for money, but we may can buy healtier, better goods which can be also enviromentally friendly.”

Since 1993 we are producing and selling softdrinks and mineral water as a hungarian family company. From 2008, after a generation change, our hungarian family company, named as R-Water Ltd., does the developing of our products portfolio.

The product range in line with the latest international trends are being produced on an automated production line with a special system which is called „Ultraclean” system. Thanks to this, we are able to produce 100.000 pc. of high quality products in daily basis.

Our products can help to create a varied and healthy diet. While you keep your healthness, you can also take many type of vitamins, minerals and fibres without any unnecessary calories. These drinks are designed to support any kind of sports, activity and training from the beginner to the professional levels. As we are paying huge attention to choose all the ingredients, therefore everyone can find their best in any way.

One of our main target is to keep the enviroment safe. The package of our products are made of 100% of recyclable matterial. In our new and modern system we could reduce the volume of the wrapper by 25% and we are using less energy by 30 % for the producing. This is just the beginning! For 2021 our target is, to achive that, the 30-40% of the energy, what we are using will come from a renewable energy sources and our PET bottles will be made 25-35% of recycled „RePET” matterial.

The quality of our products is constantly monitored by our well-equipped laboratory for microbiology and quality control.

We hope that, you liked our short introduction and you will be our partner in the future.

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